The local preacher writes…

From our June newsletter:


Hi Everyone

I have been asked to write a bit for “our minister writes”.  A bit short notice but with CHANGE being a big part of my life just now it struck me that it was also a big part of the church.  So that is my topic.

Change is not easy.  Some of you will have noticed that I am not in church as often as I used to be.  At one time it was down to preaching commitments in other churches of the circuit but more recently it is more because I have relocated down to the south coast.

As I sit down to write this I am recovering from a month of unpacking boxes and trying to find suitable places for all the things one gathers over a lifetime.  I am pleased to report it is all coming together and I have found the whole exercise of downsizing and de-cluttering very therapeutic.  I did however not relish this change.

All these things have made me reflect on change. We are facing a lot of change at the moment, a general election that we were not expecting, Brexit that is an ongoing situation.  Members of the church have moved away and a new minister is arriving in September.  That will be a big change for her too as it also involves moving home as well as moving to a new job.

If I look back to the last time I moved it was in 1986 I moved from Staines to Yateley and did not know anybody in this area.  The first thing I/we did was join the church and were made to feel very welcome, we soon made new friends and threw ourselves into church and community life.  During my time with this church we have seen many changes, we have enjoyed the ministry of several ministers all very different with different approaches from which, I personally feel, the church has benefited.  Once again we are about to welcome a new minister with different experiences, new ideas, all to help the church grow and mover closer to the Kingdom.  Although we resist change and don’t want things to change, good things, new things, new ideas can arise out of change.  Change keeps us on our toes, change keeps us alive.  I have now gone from not relishing my particular change to being glad that I have done it.

So during this period of uncertainty let’s take it as an opportunity to strengthen any ongoing projects, to think about what changes are needed and what is expected or rather hoped of the new minister.

Let’s not dwell too much on how things used to be or worry about the future but just get on with things and see where the Lord takes us and try and follow God’s plans for us – Whatever that may be!!

Every blessing