2020 Methodist Conference

Robert is attending the district synod online and has been asked to share one of the documents for that—The Conference Business Digest—A report for local churches about the business of the 2020 Methodist Conference that was also held online in June/July.

Rather than putting the whole document here, we have agreed to just list the titles of the various sections. You can read the whole document online here: www.methodist.org.uk/conference. This is also here: conference-2020-business-digest. If you don’t have access to the internet, please let Robert know and he’ll be able to provide you with a printed copy.

The sections are:

Election and Induction of the President and Vice-President
Reception into Full Connexion
Ethical Investment
Inclusive Methodist Church
Oversight and Trusteeship
Connexional finances and allowances
Statistics for Mission
Evangelism and Growth Strategy
Methodist Homes (MHA)
Faith and Order matters
Ministerial Covenant
The 2021/2022 President and Vice-President
Future dates of the Conference