I have just returned from the Christmas Party of the Sandhurst Stroke and Disabled Club to which I have been invited every year since they took up residence in our hall. (Make a note for future reference, there are advantages to doing the bookings.) There was plenty of food and drink – and some of the committee were very keen to show me the latter was non-alcoholic – maybe they thought I was policing the event! The entertainment was a couple of the bell-ringing team from St Michael’s who demonstrated how to ring ‘four in hand’ very ably – I find it amazing that they can keep one bell-clapper still as they ring the one held at right angles to it but in the same hand. Everyone had a great time and wanted me to tell you all how much they enjoy having our hall for their meetings. Pam Owles, who runs the group, also wanted me to add that anyone who is registered disabled is eligible to attend and would be made very welcome. I can certainly vouch for the welcome!

It is at this time of year that we are also made aware how very much the AA appreciate our hall – our contact with them always trots up my drive the week before Christmas complete with sweets and biscuits plus the huge card which I placed on the noticeboard – I hope you managed to read the comments, again expressing their thanks at being able to use our hall for their meetings.

I know we benefit from the revenue but I just wanted you all to know that our community do enjoy using the hall, none more so than the attendees at our toddler group and the Sandhurst Singers choir, which we hear about more regularly through our members. And to end, I have also heard more appreciative comments about the refreshments served at The Hustings than about the speeches!