Thank you all very much for the voucher and money I received from the Church. As I said when this was handed to me, having been at the Church for 33 1/2 years I have seen lots of changes, met lots of people and made many friends. So many people have come and gone over those years. It has been a pleasure to get involved with various jobs over the years and I thank God that I leave the Church with a much deeper and stronger faith and with more confidence than when I joined it in 1984.

I have experienced a lot in the chapter of my life in Sandhurst and I particularly thank you all for the help and support to me, and the children, through the difficult patches.

Now the next chapter has begun and with the house move to Farnborough I have been going to North Camp Methodist and I will be transferred into membership at their covenant service on 14th January. I have been promised that there will be some jobs for me to do there and look forward to seeing what the Lord guides me into.

Thank you once again for the gift but, more so, for your kindness and friendship over the years.