From Fiona Budden (nee Kember-Smith)

I preached for the first time (ever) at my local church yesterday (10/2/19) here in Isleworth, London. I’ve slipped over to Church of England, but this one has a very Methodist feel to it! Anyway, I thought members of Sandhurst Methodist, that knew Joan Kember-Smith, might be encouraged that I’ve started having a go at preaching.

People can even listen to the podcast- in below email – but they have to bear in mind it was my first ever sermon!

With love and prayers for your church.

Best wishes

Fi Budden (Joan’s daughter)

Here is what Richard Frank at All Souls said about the service:

Shine like stars!

Fi Budden preached yesterday from Philippians 2: 14-30 helping us think through what it means to carry the light of Jesus into our Monday morning lives.

Fi spoke about those who had inspired her with their faith which burned like “a lighthouse”. Whose fait has inspired you in your life? Have you ever told them so?

As you carry the light of Jesus into today, how might your faith encourage and inspire others?

Children’s groups looked at Jesus describing himself as The Good Shepherd in John 10:1-15. How can we help children enjoy and benefit from knowing that they are part of Jesus’ flock? How might we remind them this week of his care for them and his knowing them through and through?

Take a (re)listen to yesterday’s sermon and or/my look back at the children’s groups theme via the links below.

If we can pray for you this week, do drop me a line.

Fi is on from around 12 minutes, although of course it’s worth listening to the rest of the recording too.