Paul – final part

This is the final chapter concerning Paul’s life and mission.

Character and legacy

Paul was an unexcelled missionary and statesman of his time. He planted many churches in the strategic centres of Galatia, Asia, Macedonia and Achaia. His foresight led him to train strong young workers to carry on after him. He was the supreme interpreter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was primarily through his agency that the world wide destiny of the Christian Church was established. His theology was rooted in his own revolutionary experience with Christ. He saw man’s inability to attain righteousness by his own efforts, with God God providing the way for salvation, through grace and love in Jesus Christ. He also saw that the Gospel made strenuous ethical demands on the life and conduct of the believer.

Although he was small of stature he endured more than most men could endure and  he felt his bodily frailty. So he relied on divine empowerment for his bodily strength.

There were many sides to his personality. Intellectually he had an outstanding ability as one of the world’s great thinkers, as well as practical good sense. He loved the truth, so when he understood his duties he followed it unflinchingly, regardless of the consequences. His warm hearted affectionate nature helped him make strong friendships. He was also humble, sincere and sympathetic.

By nature he was a religious man and his religion, firstly as a Jew and then as a Christian dominated his life and activities. His unique career lay with his fervent nature that was possessed and empowered by the living Christ.