Staying safe and home and online

I have been advised by the District Safeguarding Officer of several deception/scam situations that have recently been highlighted:

  • Cases of individuals trying to gain entry to the homes of the elderly/vulnerable by asking to use the toilet during their daily walk – a couple, with the woman claiming to be pregnant. Please be vigilant about allowing access to your home and compromising personal safety.
  • People claiming to be police officers, visiting churches that are open (e.g. hosting foodbanks etc) and issuing on the spot fines for breaking social distancing rules. In one case this was followed up with an email – from a bogus account. If anyone accessing or providing essential services are approached by individuals purporting to be from the authorities, it is recommended that they request to see formal identification for verification.
  • Email and phone contact from a woman, claiming to be a Muslim who converted to Christianity, phoning church people saying she is needing to escape domestic abuse and needs money to travel to a refuge. She has been doing this in a number of areas around the Connexion, sometimes claiming her name is ‘Bridget Jones’. Advice is to simply give her the details of the local Domestic Abuse organisation or national organisations.
  • Please remember that no one should be providing personal financial details to anyone with whom they are not familiar – be that in person, over the phone or via email.

Age UK has produced a really helpful guide which looks at some common internet and computer scams, and how to protect your mobile phone, computer and yourself online:

and another useful resource is The Little Leaflet of Cyber Advice from the Metropolitan Police which can be found at :

If you are unable to access this information or have any concerns please contact me.

Alison Fradgley – S&YMC Safeguarding Officer 01276 36631