Summer gardening

Now that most seeds and new crops have been planted it is time to aim to keep on top of most of these crops. This means plenty of weeding, watering where necessary, and keeping off the pests and diseases.

This year as we had such an excessively dry May, there is now black fly on such plants as runner beans and foxgloves. Both of these usually escape most of this, but need to dealt with by using a soapy water spray to keep the plants healthy. This may need to be done at regular intervals in order to keep the pests at bay.

Once tomato plants start to flower it is time to start giving them a regular liquid feed in order to boost the plants. Also a small successional sowing of seeds, such as lettuces can still  be useful for later cropping.

After that it is time to let nature take its course and wait for the crops to develop. This then means that if all goes to plan, then you can experience the joy and pleasure of tasting fresh crops that have a unique freshness that cannot be surpassed.

Happy gardening