The Minister writes… (from our August/September 2022 newsletter)

Dear friends,

This time last year I was bemoaning the unusually wet summer we were experiencing. This year, I imagine we are all wishing for more rain – I know my garden is! Although I confess I hope there won’t be a downpour on the 13th or 20th of August when Mike and I are hosting BBQs for our churches, there is something wonderfully refreshing about the first rain after a period of drought. The smell of moisture on dry earth is very distinctive and if it’s accompanied by some thunder and lightning, then so much the better. I’ve always loved thunderstorms – at least, when viewed from inside the house and not out in them!

Whatever weather the rest of the summer brings, I hope you are able to make the most of getting outdoors even if simply to sit in the garden and enjoy a cuppa, listen to birdsong and maybe relax with a book.

Talking of books, I recently came by a second-hand copy of an amusing little paperback entitled, ‘Derek the Cleric – a year at St Cliff’s.’ So, on a lighter note than usual and with the holiday season in mind, I thought I would share with you a few entries from the ‘St Cliff’s noticeboard’ for your amusement:

      A reminder that our next prayer walk is on Saturday morning, starting at 9am. Following several injuries last month including a sprained ankle from falling off a kerb and a black eye from walking into a lamppost, please may I remind everyone that when praying it is not necessary to adhere to the tradition of closing one’s eyes.

      At our recent AGM it was noted that our church can lay claim to at least 27 various committees. In a bid to streamline our efforts it has been proposed that a Committees Committee be set up immediately to deal with this situation. 

Following pressure from the local Methodist Church, the monthly ecumenical worship service will no longer be called ‘The Happy Hour.

      Next weekend we host the Mighty Women of God conference where we will look at the lives of Deborah, Ruth and Esther and what they can teach us about not being held back by social stereotypes. Souvenir aprons and tea towels will be available at the event.

      If anyone knows the whereabouts of the lost property box, could they please inform the church office.

…..and finally……For sale: Pair of Siamese cats. Cannot be separated.

I hope those brought a smile to your face. Enjoy your summers whatever you may be doing. Take time for yourselves. Take time to pray. May God bless that time, and may you be refreshed in body, mind and spirit, ready for whatever challenges the new church year may bring.

With every blessing,