The work of the Leprosy Mission 2019

Rev Joshua is one of the people leading The Leprosy Mission’s work in Sri Lanka, teaching communities to grow nutritious crops from their land.

As a nine-year old boy he found himself as a refugee on a boat to India as a result of years of conflict in Sri Lanka.

The boat was overcrowded and those on board began to fear for their lives. Rev Joshua made a promise to God that if He miraculously saved him then he would serve Him for the rest of his life.

God did save him and Rev Joshua ended up living in a displaced people’s camp in India for many years where he learnt to live off the land. When he arrived back in Sri Lanka he saw many people with leprosy living in similar camps struggling to survive. Rev Joshua began working with the communities, teaching them all God had taught him about growing fresh produce, nutrition and making sure they have a sustainable food source and livelihood.