Tom Williams

Thomas Williams, “Tom”, funeral was held at Banbury crematorium today Wednesday 14th August.

Douglas and I drove up to the crematorium on an increasingly wild day with the rain lashing down on the motorway as we got nearer to our destination. After leaving the motorway and approaching the outskirts of Banbury we came off the roundabout to find ourselves behind a hearse car that turned out to be heading to the same crematorium as we were aiming for. This was a short while before the service was due and we realised that we were actually following Tom’s coffin into the crematorium, awaiting his cremation service.

Those attending the service included his only daughter Bridget, four of his five step children as well as Wendy King, her sister and daughter.

The service was led by a local lady Methodist minister.

The moving eulogy was given by Elaine, one of his step daughters. Tom’s life covered a large number of differing aspects from sailing through engineering to his Masonic duties. Back in February 2009 he became the longest serving member of the Lodge with 56 years and 11 months. Also mentioned was his work on developing the Harrier jump jet, as well as his days at the Transport and Road research lab where he developed the mini roundabout. He also worked up at Broadmoor and latterly helped residents at Lord Harris Court with quizzes and the like.

He died at the age of ninety two and his generosity of spirit to everyone will be sadly missed.