Whitechapel Mission (taken from their website)

Our Mission
As The Whitechapel Mission cares for an increasing number of our most vulnerable guests during the corona-virus (COVID-19) emergency, we remain committed to the health, safety and well-being of all.

Our guests who are experiencing homelessness don’t have the option to “stay at home” to avoid risk to themselves or others — so we are reliant on friends like you who choose to give generously.

We are closely monitoring the corona-virus (COVID-19), as well as pro-actively seeking and following the latest guidance from the Government and other community partners. And we are thankful for our supporters who help make it possible to continue our work.

We continue to offer our essential services (more than 75,000 free meals served during the pandemic). Our response balances the consideration that our guests are highly vulnerable to many challenges. Organizations like ours have a duty to care and not prematurely suspend potentially life-saving services. We are seeing new faces, with new worries — people who are desperately in need of the food, shelter, advice and hope offered at The Whitechapel Mission. People in need continue to be welcomed at our Whitechapel Centre.

A huge number of people have been found hotel accommodation during this pandemic, but sadly, there are still people on our streets.

Our doors continue to remain opening at 7am, every day.  We offer a free cooked breakfast from 8am daily

Every year at this time, we at SYMC collect clothes, toiletries, towels and packaged food which Maggy and Colin Garton take to the Whitechapel Mission in November.   Having contacted Maggy, she and Colin will not be going to the Mission this year in view of the pandemic.

However, as you have all given so very generously over the last few years, there is another way to contribute to this mission.  If you would like to – then please just take a look at the Whitechapel Mission Web-Site at the link below and there are instructions on how to give monetary donations to the Mission.

Let’s remember those who have nothing, and pray for them and give thanks for those people who are selflessly giving their time to provide for the more unfortunate folk who have to rely on the Mission for food and shelter.


Thank you for your generosity –   Keg