Messy Easter – 9th April 2022 report

What an eggciting time we had on Saturday with Messy Easter!!!  The ladies had worked so hard to make the afternoon fun and informative.  The children could make their own palm branches, some even magically grew before our eyes!  There was colouring – Heather had created a wonderful picture with the main scenes from the Easter story and Layla and Chloe (a couple of the older girls) were happy to colour those without going over the lines.   Actually Keg and Dolly finished off the picture at the end of the afternoon, and really enjoyed doing it … just a couple of big kids really!!

The children made chocolate cereal egg nests topped with mini-eggs –  yummy- not many of those went home but were washed down with a glass of squash! John worked hard in the kitchen making copious cups of tea and coffee for the grown ups.

Next was the Easter egg hunt!   My goodness, the children really knew how to find the eggs, I think they must have been practicing.  Everyone had a little basket to put their stash of eggs in, then handed in their eggs to be given a chocolate Easter egg in return.  Everyone was happy.

We had a couple of songs in the church and Alison played for us and Sharon showed us the actions to the songs.   For those who found the instructions too complicated, we just shock our musical instruments and enjoyed the beat of the music.

Sharon used the coloured picture that Heather had drawn which had been beautifully coloured in by Layla and Chloe, to tell the Easter Story.   It was so exciting to see that Jesus had ridden on a donkey, had enjoyed the Last Supper with his disciples, had been crucified on the cross and died  but then —–     wait —- in the middle of the picture was Jesus risen.  This isn’t just a wonderful fairy tale, it is a true story about Jesus who died and who God brought to life on Easter Day and that is why we celebrate Easter, that Jesus died to bring us life.

Thank you so much to Sharon, Sandra, Wendy, Heather, Alison B, Alison F ( I do hope I haven’t missed anyone out )  for all your hard work and making Messy Easter such an eggciting afternoon.