Messy Mother’s Day/Easter 2024

On Saturday 9th March we held Messy Mothers Day/Easter. We enjoyed hosting this event and 36 children attended – with their grown-ups!   It was very noisy!  Heather had the messiest job getting the children to paint the palms of their hands to put on the huge Mother’s Day heart she had prepared and this was displayed in church the following morning on Mother’s Day (or more correctly ‘Mothering Sunday!’).

There were also paintings of roses from celery hearts believe it or not!   Sandra did her usual preparation of food which is always a winner with the children – they flocked around her table and she nearly ran out of biscuits to decorate.   There were other craft activities as well and the children really enjoyed themselves.    Cynthia and Wendy did their usual hosting of refreshments which were gratefully received.

We then went into church where the children did an Easter Egg hunt and Keg then told a story which caused hilarity when the children thought Keg was going to crack open an egg onto Adam’s (Sharon’s son) head.  They even voted to do it – none of the children wanted to prevent what could have been a traumatic event for Adam, and they laughed as an empty egg shell came crashing down onto his scalp expecting a messy scramble. They were almost disappointed!    Anyway let’s hope they remember the point of the story!

We sang a couple of action songs, one about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey and the other one written by our clever Minister about mummies, daddies, Nannas and Grandads, to the tune Frere Jacque; she is so talented.

When time was up, away the children went, armed with the crafts they had loving prepared for their mummies, with a Fairtrade ‘Real’ chocolate egg and Easter story book.

The Team cleared up and went home exhausted!  What a great afternoon of fun engaging with the little ones and their families – we are going to do it all again in the summer – so watch this space!