Sharon’s ordination service 30/6/19

Congratulations to Rev Sharon Gardner on reaching the milestone of acceptance for Ordination!

Sharon has a Testimony service to be held at Woking Methodist Church on Sunday 19th May at 6pm which does not need to be booked.

However Sharon’s ordination is to be held on the afternoon of Sunday 30th June in Wolverhampton at 4pm for which tickets are free but limited to 4 tickets per application. go on to the Methodist website, then Conference 2019, and follow the instructions to order tickets: this takes you to an EventBrite booking site. You need to trawl through to the Wolverhampton venue. (Note from Sue—this isn’t a very straightforward process)

It may be possible to organise a coach to take a group to this venue, but tickets should be booked as soon as possible.

If you wish to attend, please book tickets and then let Heather know names, any spare tickets and contact details so that a coach can be booked as soon as possible.