Speakers of other languages – English classes

At Sandhurst Baptist Church we hold weekly SOL English classes (speakers of other languages) from 10am – 11.30 am on a Thursday, term time only.

These are relational and some of them creative as well as written and conversational groups that help (mainly Nepalese) plus other folk to be able to be part of our community here in Sandhurst and to communicate and to improve their language.

The range of levels is vast .

It is very rewarding as well as challenging.

At the moment we have 60 on our books with an average of 40 attending each week.

We are looking for more enthusiastic folk to join in with this who may feel able to assist with the groups in some way.

We would love to have 2 or 3 helpers per class to enable better learning opportunities and smaller group work.

If anyone is interested please contact Louise Ratcliffe on 07801790580 or the Baptist Church office on 01252879088.

There is a meeting on Thursday 5th September at 10am to talk about the coming term.

The term begins again on Thurs 12th September.

Many thanks