Christian Aid Week May 15th – 21st 2022

With Christian Aid Week coming up I’d usually be sharing stories with you of the work Christian Aid is doing through its partners in some far flung place in the world. Whilst this will be covered next month the impact of the invasion of Ukraine takes precedent.

Christian Aid was founded in 1945 by British & Irish Churches, to respond to the refugee & displaced persons crisis after World War 2.  No one thought that 77 years later Christian Aid would be called upon again to help in Europe in similar circumstances. So far Christian Aid has launched an appeal for Ukraine as part of the Disaster Emergency Committee. Through partners such as Hungarian Interchurch Aid and the Lutheran World Federation vital essentials are being supplied to refugees. Now as in 1945, the aim is to enable, equip & support partner churches in their work.

Also need to give a mention to “All We Can”…the operating name of the Methodist Relief & Development Fund, who were quick of the mark in fundraising for Ukraine and in getting aid delivered.

If you wish to donate, see the links below: