Christmas gifts 2020

 It seems shopping this year for Christmas will be much more difficult than usual. With the need for social distancing and some shops possibly being closed, many are looking on-line for their purchases. I have joined this trend and viewed the Christian Aid website ( link below) to see what I could buy.

For my brothers & sister, I bought them each the equivalent of 10 cocoa saplings, with the money going to the Christian Aid Climate Change Fund. The fund is helping farmers in Africa ,who are struggling to grow coffee due to climate change, move to grow Cocoa which is more suited to changing weather patterns. Planting the saplings aids the farmers ability to adapt and survive. On top of that, I will also be buying my brothers & sister a box of chocolates !

For my niece, who when she was younger lived in a house with hens in the garden, I‘ve bought the equivalent of some chickens. The money goes to the Agriculture & Livestock fund to be used in such countries as Sierra Leone. Chickens can give a family food and hopefully generate some income.

Now to see what else I can find for family & friends.

There are lots of other gifts available at all price levels so why not give it a try.

There is free shipping on all orders 🙂

For further information contact:

Wilf Hardy
07823 406908