Link to Hope Family and Elderly Shoebox Appeal 2021

Thank you for the Shoe Boxes you filled for Eastern European Families and the Elderly this year.  There were 13 boxes in all plus a couple of monetary donations.  This was three down on last year – this was my fault as I wasn’t quick enough to realise that I needed to contact them rather then them contact me as an existing co-ordinator.  After this of course I was distracted by a personal bereavement.

Sharon has very kindly delivered the shoe boxes to a lady in Ascot who removed all the gift aid forms from the boxes so no personal details are passed on.  She was very grateful for our contribution.

Hopefully, we can build on this total next year when I promise that normal service will be resumed!

Again, thank you for your efforts this year – it is an excellent achievement under the circumstances!

Alison F