Club 15 May 2019 – report

Last Wednesday, Robert led 12 intrepid explorers on a walk around the Wildmoor Heath area.

While it was still light we saw several Roe Deer

and some were able to catch a glimpse of a Palmate Newt just beneath the surface of a pool.

As dusk came and the faded, our focus turned to the abundant birdsong. The most stunning to me was that of the Nightjar – it sounded more like a machine than a bird.

I am assured that we also heard a Dartford Warbler,

a Dunnock

and a Whitethroat!

At one point we deviated off the main path and nearly lost Douglas and his spritely mother. Fortunately Jon turned back, with his torch and picked them up.

Thank you Robert for being our knowledgeable tour guide.

Alison Bone