Jackie Case farewell service and Happy Retirement

We had a wonderful tea before the farewell service to which the whole circuit had been invited.  We had approximately 60 guests for tea and a full church to Jackie’s farewell service.  Catherine opened the service and lead us in prayer.   Conrad Hicks who has worked with Jackie over the last few years, took the sermon which lasted about 15 minutes but was so engaging it was a shame it came to an end.  Thanks were given by Marjorie Mitchell on behalf of herself as Senior Circuit Steward and Andrew Mitchell on behalf of Crowthorne.   Keg thanked Jackie on behalf of our church and presented her with her card and gift.    Andy Knight and Mary Elms did the readings and Sharon did the prayers of intercession.

Jackie said she was overwhelmed by the gifts, good wishes and love that everyone has shown her.  She is now going to work part-time at Woking, as the Minister they were expecting to start in September is no longer going to be there, so part-retirement at the moment!
Many thanks to Doug and Sandra for ordering and picking up all the sandwiches and the stunning cake, Jackie was so thrilled with the cake and ceremoniously cut it in honour of her retirement.  She took what was left of her cake to share at a fellowship she was visiting on Tuesday.

Eunice, Sandra, Cynthia and Wendy worked very hard in the kitchen to set everything up on the food table and drinks beforehand, and also providing all our guests with teas and coffees.    Also many thanks to them and Robert for clearing away all the tables and the 68 chairs!    Thank you to Alison and Mary for being superb musicians and leading our singing, and to Heather for being Assistant Steward to Keg.

A wonderful time of fellowship was had by all, and in particular Jackie was blessed by all those who turned up to wish her well in her ‘semi-retirement’, but certainly to thank her for all her love, support and jolly good sermons!  We wish her well in the coming months and also a happy, healthy, fruitful and blessed retirement.